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May 2011

ADHD and me

This is a BBC Radio 4 documentary by Rory Bremner on how ADHD affects adults as well as children and what it can be like for all involved. Compelling listening and required material for anyone involved in education! The one... Continue Reading →


CAE: Writing Part One overview / revision

It's almost exam time again - hence the recent trend in teflgeek posts!  So here's a lesson on CAE writing, (though with some slight adaptation it'll work for FCE / CPE as well). At this stage, it's probably best used... Continue Reading →

Open Source Learning?

A lot of teachers think about education from the point of view of what needs to be changed and how we can make both the teaching and learning experience better.  In recent years paradigms of education have altered, flexed and... Continue Reading →

Exam Classes: Gapless

Another really simple idea for all those use of english papers....  just remove the gaps. For exam classes this works with the following areas: FCE & CAE: Use of English Part One - multiple choice cloze Use of English Part... Continue Reading →

Teflgeek on Scribd

I'm not sure how this happened - I think I was trying to download something, but anyway I ended up with a Scribd account that I promptly forgot about. Until I started trying to download something else. At which point... Continue Reading →

teflgeek on twitter?

Oh I so have no idea what I'm letting myself in for.... Yep - a number of people have suggested that teflgeek should twitterise itself and I've been meaning to do it for a while.... OK - if I'm honest... Continue Reading →

30 topic cards for IELTS / CPE Speaking

I don't think this needs much in the way of explanation!  If you click the pdf link below, I've put together 30 different topic cards for IELTS speaking part 2 / CPE speaking part 3. I wrote most of these... Continue Reading →

Zip Zap Boing (I think?)

I blame that Simon Thomas over at efl-resource.  It's all his fault.  And I'm still not sure whether it's "zip zap zop" or "zig zag zog" or something else entirely! I've inherited a class, which Simon once taught back in... Continue Reading →

Blog Challenge: A Disabled Access Friendly World: Lessons for the ELT Classroom

This post has come out of a challenge posted by Marisa Constantinides on TEFL Matters:  namely "to contribute lesson ideas for the foreign language classroom which will be aimed at younger learners and teens and which will promote the concept of... Continue Reading →

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