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June 2011

The disabled access friendly world blog challenge: Creature Discomforts

Following on from the recent blog challenge on raising awareness of disability access issues, I came across the Leonard Cheshire Disability campaign whilst watching Shaun the Sheep dvds with my daughter. The campaign is called "Creature Discomforts" and has very... Continue Reading →


A film or DVD based lesson (any film)!

It's the end of the school year at the moment and most of my classes have been badgering for "Movie, teacher! Movie!" for some time.  Resistance would seem to be futile.... Basically, what they want to do is sit down... Continue Reading →

Online Game: The Curfew

I spotted a colleague (Thanks Neil!) using this with a class the other day and it looked brilliant and so investigated - it is really impressive work! Turns out Neil spotted this on Larry Ferlazzo's site. The Curfew game is aimed... Continue Reading →

Exam Class: FCE Report Writing

Here's another overview of an FCE Writing lesson: The lesson is based around the idea of a model text - in this case a "bad" model (which I really enjoyed writing!). In brief: (1)  Write the word "REPORT" up on... Continue Reading →

Free Technology for Teachers: 77 Web Resources for Teachers to Try This Summer

Free Technology for Teachers: 77 Web Resources for Teachers to Try This Summer. There's really not much to say about this, except to refer you to Richard Byrne's original post (see link at top). Most of the resources are categorised... Continue Reading →

Twittercordances? – Tweetolife stats

There's a new twitter based application on the web that you don't have to sign up to twitter to use:  Tweetolife.  The software is one of the outcomes of a study carried out by researchers at the Language, Interaction and... Continue Reading →

The Accessibility Audit: The disabled access friendly world blog challenge

A couple of weeks ago I posted in response to Marisa Constantinides' Tefl Matters Blog Challenge - an awareness raising lesson on disability access for EFL/ESL learners. What I have here is possibly more in the spirit of the original challenge,... Continue Reading →

Phoning it in? An m-learning experience.

It's early evening on a Friday about 7.30pm and the end of a long week both for me and the poor student who's ended up scheduling her lessons at a time when the only other person in the school is... Continue Reading →

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