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July 2011

Fighting Fire with….

This is a post aimed more at those who live in countries where the risk of wild fires / forest fires is a regular hazard. This is certainly the case where I live - wildfires are a frequent cause of... Continue Reading →


The Vortex Game

The Vortex Game.  This is a game I've created that can be used with any age or level - for pretty much any purpose.  It came out of a conversation with a colleague (thanks Sarah!) who was looking for an... Continue Reading →

Tea, Coffee and Comparisons

Just a quick lesson overview rather than a full plan etc today:  this is an idea for helping learners with comparisons / comparatives. Basically it starts out with the activity "Tea or Coffee", follows up with the language input stage,... Continue Reading →

Working with Project Classes

This is an entry for everyone currently working at an ELT summer school somewhere in the world!  It's not always easy and there's a lot of hard work - hopefully this post will help out a bit!  I've been fortunate... Continue Reading →

Another Guardian TEFL live Q&A

Back in March the Guardian held a live Q&A chat with a panel of experts, which I mentioned on teflgeek, and they've just posted in to say that they're running another Q&A session later today (Tuesday July 12th 2011) on... Continue Reading →

First Lesson Ideas / Warmers

For many teachers, though the school year might have just ended - the joy of summer school classes is about to start.  Or may have already, but I think lessons at my habitual summer haunt are due to begin on... Continue Reading →

Postie Postie / Agony Aunt

This is a great activity that you can use as a warmer or as a fun practice task in a number of situations. I should acknowledge that I originally saw my Dip tutor Peter Moran do this during a lesson... Continue Reading →

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