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September 2011

Online Teaching Resource: Idioms Videos

I just came across, during a further exploration of the Pearson ELT Community site, their idioms discussions space. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of discussion, but they have posted a set of mini-videos which purport to... Continue Reading →


Not everybody has smart boards…

A fact that was brought home the other day when a training seminar got rescheduled because half the projected attendees didn't have Interactive Whiteboard technology available to them..... So here's a nice post from Vicky Saumell's Educational Technology in ELT... Continue Reading →

Are Flashcards an Effective Learning Tool? (Voxy Blog)

The Voxy Blog has an interesting infographic for teaching and teacher development, examining the question: "Are Flashcards an Effective Learning Tool?" .  I suspect most YL teachers (especially those at Primary level) are thinking "well duh" at this point. The infographic... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Resource: Pearson Longman Exams Place

An email from my friendly local publishers' rep dropped into my inbox this morning, which I thought I'd pass on.  Not because I have eagerly signed up - I haven't had time to fully get to grips with what's on... Continue Reading →

More than one way to catch a fish – The great schools revolution?

  A colleague of great experience in both TEFL and the UK education system, and whose opinion I greatly respect, once asserted that TEFL was at the forefront of educational experimentation and research, formenting new pedagogical techniques and ideas and pushing the... Continue Reading →

First Lesson Aims: Dave Tucker Guest Post!

If you've had time to look at recent posts on this blog, you'll have noticed a series of "first lesson" ideas and activities...  after all,  it's September, we've all got "back-to-school-itis"! Stepping back from the plethora of great teaching ideas to... Continue Reading →

Vocabulary Revision Game: Pointless

While visiting the UK over the summer, I was introduced to a relatively new BBC Game show - "Pointless", in which contestants try to score as few points as possible.  Or as the BBC phrase it:  "Quiz in which contestants... Continue Reading →

September 11th Teaching Resources

Inspired by a recent feature on The Guardian website, which invites readers to share their memories of where they were and what they were doing (click here for more detail), I was thinking about collating teaching resources on the topic... Continue Reading →

First Lesson or First Week Ideas

Back in July I posted a selections of 20 ideas and activities that might be worth trying out as you get to know your new classes this school year - and since then there've been a couple of additional ideas... Continue Reading →

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