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September 2011

Wired for Mobile learning?

I spotted this one on a post on the TeachingEnglish | British Council facebook page - who in turn spotted it on the Voxy Blog. The infographic below comes out of the work of Mark Prensky and his concepts of... Continue Reading →


First Lesson: I don’t know what you did last summer!

A very quick alternative to the standard composition task "What I did on my Summer holidays". Essentially, you ask the learners to write the composition (100 words? I guess length will be age & level dependent) about somebody else in... Continue Reading →

Studies in Child Language Acquisition – #01 in an occasional series

The two year old comes "running" into the living room brandishing a blue vaguely whale shaped bath toy that has somehow been liberated from it's rightful home.  She toddles up to her father and thrusts it up at him: "Daddy! ... Continue Reading →

First Lesson: Find Nobody Who…

This is an alternative approach to the inevitable "what did you do on your holidays" conversation.   Many first lesson activities and ideas are based on the premise that nobody knows anybody else but often the students in your classes... Continue Reading →

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