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November 2011

Coming Soon!!! In December!!! The Twelve Days of Geekmas!

That's right!  In honour of that special time of year, when morale starts once again to lift in anticipation of the holiday season, teflgeek is preparing it's very own twelve days of geekmas. teflgeek's taken one of the most beloved... Continue Reading →


Say that again? avoiding repetition & developing paraphrase

Trying to come up with new and interesting ways of saying the same old thing is a skill that taxes most of us on a daily basis:  "I like your hair."  "Your hair looks nice."  "Wow!  Have you had your... Continue Reading →

The future of language schools?

While strolling gently through the internet this morning I caught a glimpse of the possibly chilling future of language schools.  And we were defunct.  Shabbily dressed individuals hanging around outside railway stations bearing signs reading "Will teach for food".  Or... Continue Reading →

IATEFL BESIG – Lesson plan competition

Calling all Business English Teachers - this one's for you! The IATEFL BESIG, in conjunction with CUP's Professional English Online website, are running a Lesson plan competition. It's open to all (as long as you haven't had materials previously commercially published) and the... Continue Reading →

From Riddle to Twittersphere: David Crystal tells the story of English in 100 words

Following on from the success of the recent Radio 4 series "A History of the World in 100 objects", linguist and novelist David Crystal attempts to do the same for the English language.  An interesting read for any and all... Continue Reading →

#ELTchat Summary: Dogme & Formal Assessment – the odd couple?

At first glance, the free-wheeling Dogme approach to teaching and formal assessment do not sit well together.  Rather they would appear to occupy opposite ends of the spectrum, representing as they do either “winging it elevated to an art form”... Continue Reading →

What to do with Wikis – an ELT perspective

The wiki can be an often overlooked teacher tech tool.  The piece below is (as you might be able to tell!) an adapted version of an assignment submitted for the Technology & Language Learning module of my MA. This article... Continue Reading →

Are you worth your learners’ attention?

One of the contributors to the debate on student fees in UK universities raised an interesting point the other week.  Roger Moss, in breaking down the fees students pay when compared to what they get, calculated that they paid approximately... Continue Reading →

Ten Things worth Further Investigation (#01)

On my browser I have a folder marked "Further Investigation".  In it are contained all the links from various sources, none of which I can remember (but which were probably sourced via twitter and facebook feeds)... For what it's worth... Continue Reading →

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