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January 2012

#IHPortugal Training Day: Class Management

This is the first in a series of posts reflecting on seminars I attended at the recent IH Portugal Training Day. CLASS MANAGEMENT Carol Crombie IH Viseu We all have classes that we think of in ....  less than glowing... Continue Reading →


Do learners know what they need?

There is a lot of talk about learner needs, needs analysis and learner centred lesson planning and course planning.  But do learners really know what they need?  Or do they just tell us what they want? The difference between "wants"... Continue Reading →

How much are you worth? « EFL thoughts and reflections

How much are you worth? « EFL thoughts and reflections. There's a great discussion on Phil Wade's blog on the issues in the profession relating to qualifications and earnings. If it doesn't really get us anywhere, what's the point in... Continue Reading →

Teaching beliefs & Teaching Style

Go on then - what do you truly believe when it comes down to it?  It's quite a difficult question - and it can make a great lesson when you ask your class to challenge each others' beliefs (see lesson... Continue Reading →

Ten Things Worth Further Investigation (#02)

On my browser I have a folder marked “Further Investigation”.  It contains all the bookmarks to various websites and the like that I've spotted and intended to look into in more depth - but which I clearly didn't. Where remembered,... Continue Reading →

Using Haiku for Summary Tasks

Summary task woesUnfound ideas from the textsLacking clarity What is a Haiku?Distillation of ideasConcisely worded  This could go quite wrongHaiku for summary tasks?Might be worth a try    Learners at CPE (Proficiency) level frequently have issues with the comprehension and summary task on the... Continue Reading →

Macmillan Dictionary Awards – teflgeek nominated!

Apparently teflgeek has been nominated for the best blog of 2011 in the "Macmillan Dictionary Love English Awards"!  Which was a bit of a surprise - but huge thanks to whoever put teflgeek forwards - much appreciated! The criteria for... Continue Reading →

English teaching: A Friday request | The Economist

English teaching: A Friday request | The Economist. Originally spotted on Simon Thomas' efl-resource - it appears The Economist has become aware of it's own potential in the ELT sphere!  They're asking their readers, ELT professionals in particular, for their thoughts... Continue Reading →

All is not what it seems – The Little People Project

Back in December I posted on "nine pretty pictures" - ways of exploiting images with learners. I recently came across "The Little People Project" - though unfortunately I can't remember where - it might have been The Guardian, but I'm... Continue Reading →

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