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February 2012

FCE online resource directory

For all those of you that teach FCE preparation classes - here's a list of the best stuff I've found online for FCE prep. Most of the resources can be classified as either "online practice activities" or "teaching ideas" -... Continue Reading →


Cambridge English Teachers’ Competition 2012

If you help learners prepare for one of the Cambridge exams, then you might be interested in their new competition: Cambridge English Teachers’ Competition 2012. All they want is one practical exam preparation idea, succinctly expressed in 300 words, for one... Continue Reading →

Time Time Time

I once observed a colleague, also a great friend, who was possibly a little paranoid about running out of material in his classes, particularly the young learner classes.  Before the class he gave me a copy of his lesson plan,... Continue Reading →

The Star Wars Guide to ELT

Well, it had to be written.  You can blame the excellent “Behaviour management: what can we learn from Darth Vader and Yoda?” – a post by Simon Thomas on for the inspiration.  Simon examines the lessons that the conflicting... Continue Reading →

The Future of English – English in the East (BBC Podcast)

For anyone interested in the future of the English language, a fascinating BBC documentary is currently available to download here:  BBC - Podcasts - Documentaries.  Titled "English in the East", the first episode of a two part series focuses on... Continue Reading →

#ELTChat Summary: Teaching at a Discourse Level

How can we focus language teaching more at discourse level rather than sentence level? The first #eltchat of 2012 attempted to answer this question!  I wasn’t actually there and didn’t take part in the chat and I’m still not quite... Continue Reading →

#IHPortugal Training Day: Facebook in the Classroom

This is the second of a series of posts reflecting on seminars I attended at the recent IH Portugal Training Day.  Click the link to read the first post on "Class Management by Carol Crombie". FACEBOOK Robert Dickson & Stephen Wardle IH Lisbon... Continue Reading →

The Best Education Articles From “The Onion” | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

If you don't know The Onion - you should take a look - it's a satirical newspaper that sometimes hits the nail on the head.  It's also a great source of articles for use with classes - the occasionally puerile... Continue Reading →

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