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March 2012

Earth Day – Online Teaching Resources

Earth Day 2012, where we consider our impact upon the planet and variously decide (a) to do something about it (b) gee that's terrible but what can one person do? (c) It was like that when we got here -... Continue Reading →


#eltchat summary: Time Management for Teachers

A long time ago, I suggested “Time Management for Teachers” as the #ELTchat topic – this was largely because I occasionally find it difficult to balance the varying demands of the job and I was keen to find out from... Continue Reading →

The quiet one in the corner of the room

Take a moment to think about one of your classes.  Think back to the very last lesson you had with them.  Have you got them clearly in your mind?  Are they sitting in a horseshoe or are they at desks... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: If you look at the bottom of the screen

In this guest post, Dave Cosby looks at why some nationalities might be better at learning languages than others and considers the role that the pervasive influence of the international media might have to play... If you look at the... Continue Reading →

Feedback Technique: Percentage building bar charts

This is something I tried out with a class yesterday as a way of giving ongoing partial feedback on a set of module review questions, though I think it would work as a feedback technique on any larger exercise or... Continue Reading →

In defence of: The Test

There seems to be a lot of anti-testing sentiment prevalent in the teaching world at the moment.  There's a particular degree of vitriol that seems to be reserved for standardised testing, but which has tapped a general anti-educational zeitgeist and... Continue Reading →

TED-Ed – ten minute lessons from TED

A new initiative from the TED talks team, TED-Ed works with teachers to distill a great lesson into 10 minutes, animate it and put it up on youtube. Watch the introductory video here: And check out the TED-Ed youtube channel,... Continue Reading →

British Council Opportunities

The following email from the British Council just popped up in my inbox - there's a couple of interesting testing related opportunities there: (1)  three days work item testing for six hundred pounds (2) being trained up to be a... Continue Reading →

Web tool recommendations #eltchat summary « Sandy Millin

Following the #eltchat on 29th February, Sandy Millin has put together a brilliant summary of web tool recommendations for teachers:  Web tool recommendations #eltchat summary Categories that come up include: Voice Recording / Video capture Bookmarking / Link Organisation Ready-Made... Continue Reading →

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