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May 2012

Can you have a normal life and work in ELT?

The car races along the road at 90mph / 145kmph, overtaking slower moving vehicles by forcing them to the side and even causing white vans to leap aside in panic.   As it roars through the outskirts of the town,... Continue Reading →


From #CLIL to CSI?

I was quite impressed to spot, as a student in my class took an interminable amount of time to remove a pencil from her bag, that the science book she's currently using was called "CSI".  An inspired piece of textbook... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Math in German, History in French

In his latest guest post on this blog, Dave Cosby thinks about variety being the spice of life and wonders whether taking a CLIL approach to language teaching might not be more motivating for all concerned.  After all, what's the worst... Continue Reading →

One for the Etymology geeks

There's an interesting post on "Visualising English Word Origins" from Ideas Illustrated, which colour codes words according to their origins and then uses this process to analyse texts. If you scroll down through the comments section, you'll find links to... Continue Reading →

#BBC Podcast – The Trouble with Moody Teens

There was an excellent podcast on the BBC - Podcasts - Documentary of the Week page recently.  Sadly, BBC policy is only to host these documentaries for a seven day period, which has no expired, so unless you know someone with... Continue Reading →

#APPI 2012: Using Poetry in the EFL Classroom

Huge apologies to everyone who came to my session at the APPI conference on 29th April - this post contains the material and links I promised you that Sunday morning.  In hindsight, I probably should have posted it up there... Continue Reading →

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