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June 2012

End of Year Reflection

Today is the last day of the academic year.  On Monday the school summer courses will begin but that's next week and it's Monday's problem - for now it's enough to know that we have survived another year without too... Continue Reading →


Special Needs and ELT

I wonder what experience many EFL teachers have of working with learners with special needs. My own experience is fairly minimal - about seven years ago I did a placement test interview with a student who was partially deaf.  It... Continue Reading →

Great Time Lapse Videos

The Guardian today has a fantastic collection of time lapse videos gathered from the far reaches of the internet. One of the most visually appealing is the "Terra Sacra Time Lapses" (as below), which has landscapes and locations from 24... Continue Reading →

IATEFL Dates & Rates for 2013

So anyone thinking of going to IATEFL next year, it's running between the 8th and 12th of April in Liverpool. Check out all the application and registration dates, as well as the conference fees via the link:

Ten Things Worth Further Investigation (#03)

More items emerging from the black hole of the internet that is my “Further Investigation” folder.  These are the links to various interesting things I've saved to look at later and which have languished there unremembered until today. Where remembered,... Continue Reading →

A brief survey of Working Conditions in ELT

The response to one of my recent posts on whether it's possible to have a normal life and work in ELT was quite strong and very heartfelt - clearly there are a lot of teachers who are feeling themselves to be... Continue Reading →

CAE Online Resource Directory

For those involved with CAE exam classes - I've just put up a directory of online resources which you can access here: CAE Online Resource Directory There's a mix of exam information, online practice exercises and teaching advice, so take... Continue Reading →

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