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May 2013

IH Teachers’ Online Conference #IHTOC60

IH are running another one of their increasingly popular Online Conferences this weekend: ¬†or at least Friday 24th May and Saturday 25th May. It's a slightly different premise this time however, as the speakers are being limited to ten minute... Continue Reading →


Changes to FCE in 2015

Following on from the extensive revision of the Proficiency(CPE) exam in March this year, Cambridge have just released a revised handbook for the changes they'll be making to the First exam (FCE) from the start of 2015. ¬†Similar changes are... Continue Reading →

A passion for teaching?

Recently a colleague emerged from a particularly trying cover class experience, having decided that all of the problems that were experienced in the lesson could be traced back to a single overriding fault - the teacher's lack of passion for... Continue Reading →

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