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June 2013

The Tai Chi of Reading

This is a ten minute presentation I gave at the recent International House Teachers' Online Conference (IHTOC60) on the Tai Chi of Reading. The basic premise is that there are certain movements or forms that exist within the Tai Chi... Continue Reading →


Behavioural Economics and ELT: Meaning, Acknowledgement & Pride.

It's that time of year again, where classes are winding down and courses are effectively finished in all but name and teachers round the world are looking for interesting things to do with their students for the last few lessons... Continue Reading →

How to Teach English Infographic

This pretty infographic was originally spotted on the OUP ELT Global blog, who in turn found it on the Kaplan Blog.  I reproduce it here for your interest and amusement and because it looks pretty. Frankly, I think the title... Continue Reading →

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