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January 2014

Research Papers from “Language Teaching”

As they did last year, Cambridge Journals are offering limited access to the top 10 most requested articles in 2013 from the Language Teaching Journal. Some articles that made the list in 2012 are repeated, but there's plenty of new... Continue Reading →


#EdTech: Tablets in Education

I have a love hate relationship with my tablet.  I have a few apps that I think are genuinely useful and contribute to the smoother running of my life and a few that I keep around for reference purposes or... Continue Reading →

The Cheating Art

If you teach, you will have encountered cheating.  And if you're honest, you've probably cheated yourself at some point in the past - I don't remember specific incidences of cheating from when I was at school, but I do remember... Continue Reading →

Ten Things Worth Further Investigation (#04)

The holiday period is over and as usual, interesting posts from other people have been piling up in my inbox, or have been glanced at and put to one side for later, more detailed, examination... (1) Arriving today, via freetech4teachers,... Continue Reading →

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