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April 2014

The Future of Language Teaching – a reply to my critics

About a week ago, I wrote a piece on “The Future of Language Teaching” for the Teaching English blog.  It seems to have been slightly controversial. In it, I tried to paint a picture of what language learning might look... Continue Reading →


Write and Improve: An Online writing helper

Writing is probably the most difficult area for learners to improve on by themselves.  Writing demands an audience and if you have no-one to tell you how successful your efforts are - or not - then you are doomed to... Continue Reading →

#IATEFL 2014: The Sugata Mitra Debate

Well.  This one was controversial.  In some respects what Sugata Mitra said in his plenary on Saturday morning doesn't even matter anymore, such was the debate it sparked and which still continues via facebook and twitter. Mitra, it is clear,... Continue Reading →

#IATEFL 2014: Together in Electric Dreams – Pondering the Future of EdTech

Gavin Dudeney’s talk took a quick look at the possible future of technology in ELT – pulling out a number of technologies and trends and asking the audience to think of them in terms of whether they represented a Strength,... Continue Reading →

#IATEFL 2014 Talk: Chalk and Cheese – Equivalency Issues with IELTS and TOEFL

So this is the talk that I gave today - thanks to everyone who attended - I hope you enjoyed it! For anyone who wasn't there, here's the blurb for this talk: IELTS and TOEFL are widely used as equivalent... Continue Reading →

#IATEFL First Impressions

It’s been an interesting day.  I’ve learnt a lot about things you should and shouldn’t do with regard to conferences. One of the things you shouldn’t do is pack your suitcase literally as you’re walking out the door to get... Continue Reading →

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