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October 2011

Changes to CPE in 2013

In 2013 the CPE exam is not only celebrating 100 years of tormenting language learners and confusing their teachers, but will also be metamorphasising into its latest incarnation.  This post takes a look at what changes are being made and what it... Continue Reading →


Halloween Teaching Resources

I'm not a great fan of "festivals" teaching in general, but this year my timetable has more young learner classes than usual and halloween is almost upon us, so here's what I managed to find to help you cook up... Continue Reading →

Global Population – 7 billion people and you

There's a really nice app on the BBC website that lets you figure out where you come in the global population statistics - for example, when I was born I was the four billionth, 50 millionth, seven hundred and sixty... Continue Reading →

teflgeek on paternity leave!

Following the arrival of a second research subject for the teflgeek occasional series "Studies in Child Language Acquisition", teflgeek will  be taking a short break in order to mostly sleep and provide respite care for Mrs teflgeek and the first... Continue Reading →

Making Mistakes & Error Correction

Simon Thomas answers the question "What causes ESL students to make speaking and writing errors? " quite comprehensively in a recent blog post at He looks at the differences between "mistakes" (lack of knowledge or understanding) and "slips" (performance... Continue Reading →

Premier Skills English

  A nice cross-curricular site for all those teachers with budding Cristiano Ronaldos in their classrooms!   But with plenty for those of us who love the game but are never going to make it on the pitch! Premier Skills... Continue Reading →

Film English: MOVE, LEARN, EAT

    There's an excellent post at Kieran Donaghy's Film English site called MOVE, LEARN, EAT |. Thoroughly recommend it - even if you don't use it with a class, the video choices are inspired and worth watching simply for your... Continue Reading →

Essential Criteria for Effective Learning?

This was the question posed the other week on my MA discussion boards:  "Based on your teaching experience, write down the criteria you think are essential for language learning."  And it's a good question.  In many respects the ultimate teaching... Continue Reading →

Teaching Resources: Steve Jobs

It's not until someone goes that you realise the impact they had on your life - Steve Jobs was one of those public figures who inspired belief and achievement in others. One of my classes was asking if we could... Continue Reading →

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