Resources and links for teachers of CAE preparation classes.

BBC Exam Skills:

This is the exam skills section from the BBC Learning English site.  It’s not specific to CAE (or any other exam) but rather looks at ways that learners can develop the necessary exam skills for success.  Worth exploring for both teachers and learners.

British Council LearnEnglishProfessionals:

Gives an overview of the structure and focus of the exam, though that’s about it.  There are links to other things that could be adapted, podcasts and the like, but nothing specific to CAE.


Lists pretty much all the CAE preparation materials available to purchase – and offers you the opportunity to do so, at least if you’re based in the Indian sub-continent.  Also contains all the important exam information and links to the Cambridge ESOL pdf downloads.

CAE Exam: Writing Letters

From hubpages, this is a single blog entry that gives advice on letter writing, both formal and informal.  It also includes two short you tube video presentations on formal and informal letters.  See also a post on the Speaking Exam – again, mostly analysis and advice.

Cambridge English: Advanced:

This is the CambridgeESOL CAE micro-site – it hosts all the information concerning the organisation and structure of the exam, what the “set books” are, where you can take the exam, when you can take the exam, links to downloadable sample papers and more.  While it’s aimed more at candidates than teachers, anyone teaching a CAE preparation class is well advised to take a look at it.

Cambridge English: Advanced (facebook):

The Cambridge ESOL facebook page for CAE – vocabulary posts and exam information on a daily(ish) basis.  More for learners than teachers.

Cambridge ESOL Teacher Support:

A fantastic CAE teacher resource, this is CambridgeEsol’s teacher support site.  There’s a lot of stuff available, but to get access to everything requires a (free) email registration.  All of the information on the exams and free downloads from the Cambridge English: Advanced micro-site is available here, plus additional lesson plans and activity ideas contributed both by Cambridge ESOL and by the teaching community members, who also populate the discussion forums.

Chiew Pang’s International English Exams Scoop:

“Stuff related to Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, etc exams” – A collection of blog posts and web pages related to International English Exams, curated by Chiew Pang.  Lots of useful links and ideas, though not only specific to CAE as it also covers other major players in the ELT exams market.

C.U.P. Teachers’ Zone:

A somewhat limited support page for anyone using a CUP publication with their CAE preparation class(es) – wordlists and tapescripts mostly, but also a focus on syllabus and content.


Online practice activities for the Use of English paper.  Has two free practice tasks for each part of the Use of English component, there are more available with registration.

English Online (Practice for CAE):

This contains one online practice test, but there’s no listening available.  It’s also based on the pre-2008 version of the CAE, so not all components or task structures reflect the current exam and the writing section is useful, but perhaps not reflective of actual exam content.

English Speaker:

Practice exercises for Use of English and Reading papers, though personally I found the layout on screen slightly difficult to work with. Also these exercises relate to the pre-2008 version of the exam.

Exam English:

Has an overview of the exam structure and components accessible through the sidebar, plus a set of free online practice tasks for the reading, use of English and listening.


Flo-Joe hs a range of practice activities – particularly for Use of English, but also for reading, writing and a handy overview of the speaking paper.  If your learners want use of English practice (and chances are they will…) then this is the place to send them.  A lot of the site is free, but there are some aspects that are registration and fee-based.

Henrik Oprea’s Cambridge Exams Scoop:

“A collection of links, articles and hints for students preparing for FCE, CAE or CPE.”  – A continually updated collation of Cambridge exam related posts from different blogs and websites, curated by Henrik Oprea.  Some nice ideas and useful links – but not only specific to CAE, as it also covers other Cambridge exams.

International House Bristol Exam Exercises:

The IH Bristol website has just (2012) been rejigged and now has all their tasks relating to FCE, CAE & CPE in one place.  The tasks only relate to the Use of English papers, but there’s about ten sample tasks for each part of the Use of English paper – so a useful practice site!    They also have grammar and vocabulary tasks elsewhere on their site, for when you get bored!


This is the additional practice test site associated with Pearson / Longman ELT publishing.  It’s offered as an additional resource for teachers and students who’re already using their course books.  I believe (though I’m not sure) that purchase of a Pearson FCE title also gives you login / free registration details to the i-tests site.  But while there’s also some free stuff available, a lot of the content is paid for.

Jim George’s ESOL Exams Sccop:

“Worldwide exams of English language skills. Tips, updates, practice.” – A continually updated collation of ESOL exam related posts from different blogs and websites, curated by Jim George.  Lots of nice ideas and useful links – covering the whole range of ESOL exams, not only CAE.

onestopenglish CAE page:

Currently (2012) six lessons available on Use of English, Writing and Speaking.  Sadly though, these lessons are only available to those who are signed up or signed in to the onestopenglish site.  I’m not sure whether this is paid for content or not.

Online Practice Test for CAE:

This appears to be a free online sample of the Cambridge ESOL online practice test facility.  But I’m not sure of it’s provenance!  In any event, there’s a tutorial and then you can click into practicing the reading, writing, Use of English and listening components – any feedback on this one greatly appreciated!

O.U.P. Teachers’ Club (Exams):

A publisher based support site, this link gives access to yet more links related to a limited selection of CAE (and other) publications within the Oxford University Press catalogue.  If you teach with an OUP title, you should probably check this page out, though as the resources are mostly tests and answer keys, it’s not so useful if you don’t.

Pearson ELT Exams Place:

A publisher based support site that also crosses over into trying to create an exam teachers’ community – the Pearson site has a limited  range of useful downloads, including a sample video of the speaking test (featuring Jackie Newbrook as examiner!) – handy if you can’t afford the Cambridge ESOL DVD…  More resources are apparently available to those who register.

Splendid Speaking:

has some useful and quite detailed information and advice on taking the CAE speaking test.  While what you see on the page is free, other aspects of the site are not and may require payment.

teflgeek exam classes

A link to the lesson plans etc I’ve made available for CAE classes.


  • All the links were all working the last time I checked, but do please leave a comment if any are broken.
  • There doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as many online resources for CAE as there are for other exams – so please, if you know of something you think should be added here – let me know!