This is a lesson that I did with my intermediate level students this week.  I particularly like the freer practice task, which is a “Find Someone Who” type task, where the students have to communicate via an intermediary (hence the need to use reported speech).

The language input stage owes a huge debt to the excellent grammar teaching resource book “Teaching Grammar Creatively” by Günter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta and Scott Thornbury.  The structure of my input stage is borrowed from page 224, though in my plan below, the materials are my own version for obvious copyright reasons!  This is one of those books I think should be on the shelves of every teachers’ room!

So the lesson is essentially a simple dialogue build to lead in, a conversation sequencing task, followed by guided input converting direct to indirect speech, a controlled practice task and then a flexistage where learners can put their initial dialogues into reported speech, or you can move straight onto the communicative practice task.

To download a full plan and materials in pdf form, click the link here: teflgeek – A lesson on Reported Speech