This is just a handy reference page for guest poster biographies and links to their posts.  I’m quite happy to accept unsolicited contributions at teflgeek, if you’d like to put something together, or even write a riposte to something that’s been posted, please feel free to get in touch in one of the following ways:

Some notes on Guest Post policy:  Since this page was initially  put up I’ve had offers for guest posts from individuals seeking solely to promote their own brands, products or services.  Frankly, anything which I think serves that purpose is unlikely to be published here.

Articles which are good candidates for publication are likely to be thoughtful discussions of an area or aspect of teaching which demonstrate a sound knowledge of theory and / or practice, and which present the author’s clear opinion in relation to the subject matter.

If you’re still interested, then I’d suggest something between 750-1000 words is a good starting point, though I’m not that bothered about word limits – I’m more interested in what you write rather than how long it is.   Contact me as detailed above and we can take it from there.

Guest Bloggers

Dave Tucker:

Dave Tucker has been in ELT for 24 years: as a teacher with a particular focus on Young Learners, as a teacher trainer on Young Learner development courses and also as Director of Studies of International House Coimbra (Portugal) for 15 years. He is the author of three Teacher’s Editions for the Primary Macmillan Series Take Shape.


Dave Tucker Guest Posts:

First Lesson Aims

Dave Cosby:

Dave Cosby is a teacher of more years experience than he cares to remember and has worked in a variety of countries around the world, in a variety of roles from teacher to Director of Studies to language school chain troubleshooter.  Currently he’s based in Coimbra, Portugal.


Dave Cosby Guest Posts:

Say what you see!

If you look at the bottom of the screen…

Math in German, History in French!