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Some thoughts on giving feedback

This is a somewhat off the cuff post, having been asked by a UK based non-ELT teacher as to how ELT teachers tend to give feedback.  Obviously I can’t answer for the whole profession, but this is what I think... Continue Reading →

“All pedagogical art is bad art, but all good art is pedagogical.”

"All pedagogical art is bad art, but all good art is pedagogical." Discuss. It does sound like the prompt for an essay topic, possibly one of those nice balanced argument topics we ask our IELTS students to do, but it... Continue Reading →

Passive to Active Students

NOT a grammar post - this one's about online participation! The one thing I am struggling with at the moment, in the middle of all the online learning, is classroom management and student participation. I realise that we are now... Continue Reading →

Work it Out Business Idioms – Book Review

Do you know your arm and a leg from your elbow?  Do your students?  Having been teaching Business English and corporate clients for nearly 20 years now, one of the things I have often thought missing from BE coursebooks is... Continue Reading →

Blogging and teaching in the time of Covid-19

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed it's been a while since my last post. I have even earnt the tag "defunct" on one or two sites. In truth I'm really only posting this because a friend messaged me... Continue Reading →

Ten to One – a review and revision lesson / activity

This is a lesson that I used with my classes recently as a review before they did a progress test.  It would also work pretty well as an impromptu cover class in an emergency! What I did: I looked through... Continue Reading →

The Ideology Gap

As teachers, we all have a good idea of what we should be doing when we walk into the classroom.  We have been trained, mostly in fairly similar ways to each other, we are aware of pedagogical theories and philosophies... Continue Reading →

Back to the Blog!

It's been a busy and interesting two years.  I feel older and wiser, though I'm not sure how much anyone else would agree about the second part! For those who want to know, the last two years have been spent... Continue Reading →

Using Action Research for Personal Professional Development

Yesterday I was part of a panel discussion in the British Council Teaching for Success Online Conference with Chris Farrell, Pete Clements and Sarah Smith, where we talked about Action Research:  what it is and what it can do for you... Continue Reading →

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