This is a lesson aimed more at pre-intermediate / intermediate level learners that “introduces” SHOULD and SHOULDN’T.  Though it can be used to revise the language point if learners have met it previously!

It is based around using Should / Shouldn’t for expressing advice within the “good idea” “bad idea” range – obviously this is not the only use of Should!

The lesson plan, which is relatively straightforward is available to download here:  teflgeek – Should and Shouldn’t.

It’s ready to go as is – doesn’t need any additional planning or preparation.

The good idea / bad idea graphic above comes from a kids TV show – Animaniacs – which I remember from my earlier years ( I don’t know if it’s still going).  Here is a Google video search selection for the segements, which could be used to extend or introduce the general topic with younger learners (or adults?).

Some additional online “should / shouldn’t” practice activities:

A flash gapfill task from

A sentence matching task from OUP’s Natural English Pre-Intermediate coursebook site

A type-the-answer gapfill task from

And finally – a downloadable Garfield based worksheet by Zailda Coirano posted on