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#APPI 2012: Nicky Hockly – Digital Literacies

This blog post reports from the APPI 2012 conference in Coimbra, Portugal.  The theme of the conference is “Motivated Teachers make a difference” – I’m updating as I go, so apologies for any typos, I’ll try and clear those up... Continue Reading →

Getting learners writing: FoldBooks!

It can be difficult to get learners writing, especially young learners who often see writing as an imposition on classroom fun and games - so fun ways to encourage learner writing are always welcome. At the FoldPlay website, they've come up with FoldBooks.... Continue Reading →

#IHPortugal Training Day: Facebook in the Classroom

This is the second of a series of posts reflecting on seminars I attended at the recent IH Portugal Training Day.  Click the link to read the first post on "Class Management by Carol Crombie". FACEBOOK Robert Dickson & Stephen Wardle IH Lisbon... Continue Reading →

English teaching: A Friday request | The Economist

English teaching: A Friday request | The Economist. Originally spotted on Simon Thomas' efl-resource - it appears The Economist has become aware of it's own potential in the ELT sphere!  They're asking their readers, ELT professionals in particular, for their thoughts... Continue Reading →

The World in 2012: Predict this!

It's that time of year when the media maelstrom coalesces around a single topic - the future!  What's going to happen in the next twelve months?  What can we all expect from the next year?  Will we face triumph or... Continue Reading →

The Twelve Days of Geekmas: Six Games Worth Playing

On the sixth day of Geekmas, some blogger gave to me:  six games worth playing Welcome to the teflgeek Christmas celebration!  Themed around the classic Christmas carol – but going backwards, mostly because it’s more like a countdown that way: 12 blogs... Continue Reading →

What to do with Wikis – an ELT perspective

The wiki can be an often overlooked teacher tech tool.  The piece below is (as you might be able to tell!) an adapted version of an assignment submitted for the Technology & Language Learning module of my MA. This article... Continue Reading →

Halloween Teaching Resources

I'm not a great fan of "festivals" teaching in general, but this year my timetable has more young learner classes than usual and halloween is almost upon us, so here's what I managed to find to help you cook up... Continue Reading →

Global Population – 7 billion people and you

There's a really nice app on the BBC website that lets you figure out where you come in the global population statistics - for example, when I was born I was the four billionth, 50 millionth, seven hundred and sixty... Continue Reading →

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