I don’t think this needs much in the way of explanation!  If you click the pdf link below, I’ve put together 30 different topic cards for IELTS speaking part 2 / CPE speaking part 3.

I wrote most of these over seven years ago when I was teaching IELTS on a more regular basis (though it looks like I might be again soon – looking forward to it!).  So I’m not sure how up to date the topic cards are and they might also be a little “low” for CPE learners – though if that turns out to be the case, think how much fun your CPE learners can have “upgrading” the vocabulary, question types and topic areas!

Also, they were written with a view to not only giving learners a chance to practice a two-minute-talk, but also to develop topic awareness and general knowledge a little bit.  Some of the cards therefore don’t accurately reflect exam tasks (for example, one asks learners to comment on a recent event in “international politics” and another asks them to compare two musical styles – neither of these are representative)

Anyway, they’ve all been collated into a handy ten page pdf download available here: teflgeek – 30 IELTS CPE speaking topic cards.  It’s also available for download via my Scribd account if you prefer that.

They’re presented in a handy cut out, laminate and keep format – my suggestion would be to have a lucky dip box from which learners take a card at the beginning or end of the lesson, as part of a classroom routine?