teflgeek on twitter?

26 May

Oh I so have no idea what I’m letting myself in for….

Yep – a number of people have suggested that teflgeek should twitterise itself and I’ve been meaning to do it for a while….

OK – if I’m honest there’s a certain amount of twitterphobia involved here.  I’m sure this post will come back to haunt me, but I’ve really very little idea of how twitter does it’s thing and what the twitterquette is and all that sort of thing.

But anyway, I felt pretty much the same way before the blog started and that seems to be going ok, so I figured I might as well jump in the deep end and learn to swim…

So if there’s anyone out there who knows more about this than me (which let’s face it is everyone) and doesn’t mind giving me a helping hand then I think you can tweet me @teflgeek.  Though if that turns out not  to be the case, then someone just carve a message in stone and have a horse and cart haul it over my way so that I can figure out where I went wrong.


One Response to “teflgeek on twitter?”

  1. Andreas Grundtvig Thursday 26 May 2011 at 20:07 #

    Hi David,
    So how was your first day on Twitter? I see you’re already following some excellent people and there are plenty more too.
    A few things you should do next:
    1. Download tweetdeck, it keeps everything nicely organised and opens as a seperate window so you don’t need to keep checking the homepage.
    2. Once people follow you, check who they are following and follow those that interest you. That way you can get ezxcellent ideas for material, methodology, ideas, conferences, webinars… the possibilities are huge.
    3. I see you’ve already retweeted. Whenever you have an idea or see something you want to share you can direct a message directly at someone using the ‘@’ sign (e.g. @A_Grundtvig) or to a whole bunch of people with a ‘#’ tag (e.g. #besig #tefl #efl #tesol).
    4. Tell everyone you know. Twitter has really helped me get to know a lot of excellent people and transformed my teaching.
    I blame all this on my ‘partner in crime’ Andi White @andivwhite (follow her too!).

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