No site with “geek” in the name would be worthy of it without a reference to comic books somewhere…  So it’s thanks to the marketing folks at Marvel Comics for creating this handy little Superhero creator:

Create Your Own Superhero | Games |

If there was such a thing as a teflgeek style superhero – maybe this is what he would look like?

Ideas for using this?  I’ve previously used the idea of superheroes in the context of comparatives and superlatives – who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Iceman type thing?  or ranking tasks – who’s strongest, fastest etc.

Jo, whose computer room class I wandered into accidentally, was using this with learners to develop not only a profile of the learner generated superheroes, but also as the jumping off point for how their creations were going to save the world!

Another idea might be as a consolidation of vocabulary relating to describing people (a police style photo-fit possibly?).  Either learners come up with a description of a person and other learners create the character, or do it the other way round?

There’s certainly lot’s of potential here.

Also on the Marvel website, I noticed a comic strip / comic book creator.  Obviously, all the superheroes are Marvel characters, so fans of the DC universe might be disappointed, but again a nice tool for story generation / writing tasks?  You do have to register (apparently “quick and free”), and I don’t know what it’s like – any feedback welcome!