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Making Mistakes & Error Correction

Simon Thomas answers the question "What causes ESL students to make speaking and writing errors? " quite comprehensively in a recent blog post at He looks at the differences between "mistakes" (lack of knowledge or understanding) and "slips" (performance... Continue Reading →

Premier Skills English

  A nice cross-curricular site for all those teachers with budding Cristiano Ronaldos in their classrooms!   But with plenty for those of us who love the game but are never going to make it on the pitch! Premier Skills... Continue Reading →

Teaching Resources: Steve Jobs

It's not until someone goes that you realise the impact they had on your life - Steve Jobs was one of those public figures who inspired belief and achievement in others. One of my classes was asking if we could... Continue Reading →

Free Technology for Teachers: 77 Educational Games and Game Builders

    Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers has this excellent post:  77 Educational Games and Game Builders. If you're involved in teaching - you need to read his post! Highlights I took away from it were: Grammar Ninja... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Resource: Idioms Videos

I just came across, during a further exploration of the Pearson ELT Community site, their idioms discussions space. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of discussion, but they have posted a set of mini-videos which purport to... Continue Reading →

Not everybody has smart boards…

A fact that was brought home the other day when a training seminar got rescheduled because half the projected attendees didn't have Interactive Whiteboard technology available to them..... So here's a nice post from Vicky Saumell's Educational Technology in ELT... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Resource: Pearson Longman Exams Place

An email from my friendly local publishers' rep dropped into my inbox this morning, which I thought I'd pass on.  Not because I have eagerly signed up - I haven't had time to fully get to grips with what's on... Continue Reading →

September 11th Teaching Resources

Inspired by a recent feature on The Guardian website, which invites readers to share their memories of where they were and what they were doing (click here for more detail), I was thinking about collating teaching resources on the topic... Continue Reading →

Thank you to the Tefl Twitterati!

I'm not very up on twitterquette.  I'm still not entirely certain that (a) I know what I'm doing, (b) I know what I should be doing, (c) I know what everybody else is doing on Twitter. My experiences thus far... Continue Reading →

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