Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers has this excellent post:  77 Educational Games and Game Builders.

If you’re involved in teaching – you need to read his post!

Highlights I took away from it were:

Grammar Ninja – a fun game for practicing parts of speech, though I’m not sure about some of the answers….

Parade of Games in Powerpoint – having just watched a colleague’s seminar on using powerpoint with interactive whiteboards I was looking forward to seeing what Parade of Games had to offer.  It all looks good, but I had problems actually downloading the games.  Not sure why (it might be a Chrome thing).

CSI Web adventures – at least half the students in my classes are determined to become forensic analysts or pathologists.  Given that approximately 11 people per million are murdered in their country per year (at least according to this wikipedia article) – I’m not sure what demand there is for forensic pathology.  Nevertheless, the website might be fun, interesting and motivating for them.  Though i haven’t quite figured out a pedagogical rationale for using it yet!

I’m also intrigued by the Handipoints system.  We use a star chart system with attainment certificates as part of our school behavioural process.  I’m interested in the possibilities of moving this system online, so that there are additional rewards for the children, but also so that the parents can monitor their child’s behaviour over time, rather than by the occasional note home or by the lack of certificate.  One to explore further.

Anyway – again I urge you to explore Richard’s original post:  77 Educational Games and Game Builders.