An email from my friendly local publishers’ rep dropped into my inbox this morning, which I thought I’d pass on.  Not because I have eagerly signed up – I haven’t had time to fully get to grips with what’s on offer yet, but just because there is a dearth of decent exam material available for teachers and students to access online and this site looks like it could broaden that range a bit!

A quick glance shows that all of the interesting looking resources require registration and provision of an email address.  But the resources do look interesting!

I’m also encouraged by the range of exams seemingly covered, as they not only cover the upper main suite (FCE, CAE, CPE), but KET, PET, IELTS, TOEFL, BEC, ILEC, and of course, the PTE series.

Definitely worth a look, but final judgement to be reserved!

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