I’m not very up on twitterquette.  I’m still not entirely certain that (a) I know what I’m doing, (b) I know what I should be doing, (c) I know what everybody else is doing on Twitter.

My experiences thus far have been slightly confusing, but really quite rewarding.  At some point early on, @A_Grundtivg recommended that I get myself Tweetdeck.  Which I did.  But failed to understand.  Now that I know I can have columns of tweet deck devoted to certain hashtag messages, it make things a bit easier!  One of the things I’ve enjoyed most has been #ELTChat – and I’ve met some great people with good ideas through that.  #ELTChat has been a lot easier to interact with since I discovered the hashtag tweetdeck column thingy.

I think what has astounded me most though, has been the ability to connect with people that I respect and admire in the world of tefl, and perhaps more than that – the sheer number of people that there are to admire in the world of tefl.  Not that I agree with everything that everybody says….  but I am always interested in what they have to say!

Actually, that’s not true.  What really astounds me most is how everyone seems to find the time to spend all their time blogging and tweeting.  Do you people not have jobs?  I mean seriously?  But possibly that just reflects my own micro-blogging shotcomings….

Anyway – I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who follows me on Twitter.  I appreciate it.