This is an activity that I’ve just put together for my classes as we come into the final week of the school year, I’m calling it “Superlative students”.

It’s relatively simple, as long as your students know superlative structures!

Ask your students to write the names of all the other students in the class in a column down the side of the bit of paper, or in their notebooks.

In pairs, students decide on a superlative structure for each of their classmates.  The only rules are (a) MUST be POSITIVE in meaning; (b) no repetition of superlatives.  You will want to police this and make sure everyone has a good understanding of what is positive and what’s not…..

They don’t write one for themselves or their partner.

When everyone has a completed list, the students mingle and tell each other which structures they associate with each other – AND WHY they have that association.  Students write down the superlatives they are told about themselves.

Pairs then sit down and compare notes.

Then give students a copy of the superlative students certificate.  (You can add your own school logo to the top of this for a bit of extra branding.)

Students complete the certificate by adding their name in the first space, and ALL the superlatives they were given for themselves in the second space.

Then the students go around and sign each other’s certificates.

The class then has a positive memento from the lesson and the course to take home with them.



Like most activities, I think this is one that I’ve come up with by myself, but it might be that I am simply remembering it and have forgotten where I found it.  It’s a bit similar to the “Oscars” lesson that Nick Kiley showed me back in the day, but without the trophy and speeches….

I hope you enjoy using it and if you have any comments or tweaks, please let me know in the comments!



Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash