This is a lesson I put together for my class, who are rapidly approaching their exam dates and who need to review what goes on in the Cambridge English: First Speaking paper.

I ran this as a bring your own devices (BYOD) lesson, but if you have access to a laptop and projector, then you could take control over playing the video for the class.

Basically, the lesson takes the learners through the different parts of the speaking exam, but tries to focus them more on performance aspects, than on purely linguistic aspects (though this is also looked at), so for example, things like length of answer and listening to each other and responding effectively.

It is relatively straightforward and the lesson plan and materials can be found here:

teflgeek – First Speaking Video Lesson

It should take about 45 minutes, though you could probably easily extend that to an hour if you wanted, probably just by reviewing what happens in each part of the exam at the start.  Another extension option is to put the students into groups of three and have them conduct speaking exams on each other.

You will also need access to the You Tube video, which I have included below, and the examiners’ report on the candidates (which forms the basis of the feedback you will need to give to the students) which you can find here:

If you use the lesson and have any comments or feedback on it, I’d like to hear them – please drop me a line in the comments section below.