I have no idea where this one came from….

Well I do.  It’s a dream fragment.  The other day I woke up, went back to sleep and woke up again to remember a fragment of a dream in which I’d been (OK – this is a really quite pathetic admission) attending a presentation or seminar by one of TEFL’s finest luminaries.  I can’t remember exactly who it was (except that I remember thinking – in the dream – that I rated them quite highly) and I can’t remember what the topic was.

What I do remember is that one of the slides featured the quote “It’s like Eastenders meets Tessa Woodward.”  But obviously, I can’t remember what that quote relates to.

For anyone interested, Eastenders is a very long running BBC soap opera about the lives, loves and occasional deaths of a group of people who live in the east end of London.  Tessa Woodward is a highly respected teacher, teacher trainer and academic who I know mostly in relation to her articles on Loop Input.

So my question is simple – what, in the great wide world of tefl and all things educational, could possibly fit the description of “it’s like Eastenders meets Tessa Woodward?

Answers in a comments box, please!

Tessa Woodward and family


Bianca from Eastenders