This is a post aimed more at those who live in countries where the risk of wild fires / forest fires is a regular hazard.

This is certainly the case where I live – wildfires are a frequent cause of much devastation and trauma, what always fazes me is the equanimity with which people here deal with it all as summer rolls around again.

So this is just a thought really – it would be interesting to talk about the issues with your classes, particularly younger learners.  What do they understand as the common causes of wildfires?  What do they think can be done to prevent them?  What information or campaigns have they encountered?

All of this initial discussion can lead to a comparison with the information found on the excellent USA Forestry Service anti-fire website:


There is a lot that can be used and adapted here:  online games for the kids (which I found confusing, but then I’m not a kid….), information about wildfire causes and prevention, and a brief history of the evolution of the Smokey Bear US Forestry Campaigns (might be interesting for business classes?  Evolution of the brand?  Adaptation to local markets?  Where next for Smokey Bear?).

Of particular interest to educators – there is a set of Teaching resources available to download….  These appear to be e-versions of print / physical resources available to US based educators.

If you live in an area where wild fires are an issue – this is probably something your learners should know about – and the resources here are definitely going to help you with that!