It’s a slightly strange phrase that – dependent prepositions – gives you the slight air of a bunch of small words hanging around a much larger word who feeds and clothes them and goes and and earns a wage with which to support them.  Which I suppose in a way they are.  And how do you spell “dependent”?  like that or like this “dependant”?  I’m fairly sure one is American English and the other British English but not sure which way round it goes!

Anyway – here’s a lesson I did the other day with a CAE class, though I think with a little tweaking it could also work well at FCE and also possibly at CPE, though with the latter you might need something else to fill a bit of time at the end.  It also irks me slightly that I didn’t get some kind of productive use into the plan, so any ideas to add something in there would be welcome!

For what it’s worth – here’s the link:  teflgeek – Dependent Prepositions – enjoy!

As always, any feedback, comments, criticisms and queries are also welcome!