It only occurred to me later that there’s probably a wealth of material already out there in webspace on dependent prepositions and that it wouldn’t be too difficult or time consuming to look for some of it…

So here’s a brief run down, in no particular order, of what I found:

IH Bristol has a nice online multiple choice cloze task under “Advanced Grammar: Dependent Prepositions“.  They also have links to a lot of other online grammar activities.

The BBC World Service “Learning English” section also has a similar (and shorter) Adjectives & Prepositions quiz

Predictably, the British Council has what looks like an excellent range of online resources for different ages and abilities, though I haven’t played with them all yet.

And of course, another blogger, mbgortiz,  has already done all this and has a list of six links for dependent prepositions, all of which are to online cloze tasks in varying forms!

Someone called Ana B has created a dependent prepositions boardgame for eslprintables, who do require registration before download.

Finally the fun prize goes to a Canadian education centre for their help the cat catch the mouse flash game, though strictly speaking they should be disqualified as the game is more prepositions of place than dependent prepositions per se.

(The picture comes from a slightly confusing website: