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Great site for conversation classes

Running a conversation class can often be a difficult thing for teachers, especially if there is no syllabus or course plan to follow, or if the class has been going for a number of years with largely the same students... Continue Reading →

Tea, Coffee and Comparisons

Just a quick lesson overview rather than a full plan etc today:  this is an idea for helping learners with comparisons / comparatives. Basically it starts out with the activity "Tea or Coffee", follows up with the language input stage,... Continue Reading →

Brave New World among top 10 books Americans most want banned

Brave New World among top 10 books Americans most want banned | Books | This is a slightly misleading and somewhat patronising view of American life, when you consider, as the article states, that this list is based on... Continue Reading →

A lesson on Learning Goals – Ken Robinson TED Talk

I first watched Ken Robinson's TED talk - "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" some months ago - a thought provoking examination of the aims of the educational establishment.  It has influenced my thinking about the aims of teaching quite heavily, though... Continue Reading →

Oxfam for teachers – global citizenship in the classroom

Oxfam Education. Oxfam for teachers. Brings global citizenship into the classroom. This is a great site with lots of resources relating to issues that affect us all, both at the local and at the global level.  Most of the resources... Continue Reading →

Reason to believe?

This is an infinitely extendable speaking activity which has come in handy over the years, particularly with those last minute cover lessons! It's one of those that works better at higher levels, but I think could work anywhere from Intermediate... Continue Reading →

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