Reason to believe?

7 Feb

This is an infinitely extendable speaking activity which has come in handy over the years, particularly with those last minute cover lessons!

It’s one of those that works better at higher levels, but I think could work anywhere from Intermediate upwards, as it relies on learner ideas rather than language per se.  There are opportunities for language input built in, and these could be developed further if necessary.

Essentially it’s an opposition debate, where learners debate the things they believe in – or not as the case may be!

Downloadable pdf version of the plan is attached here:  teflgeek – Reason to believe

Any and all feedback / suggestions for improvement appreciated!


One Response to “Reason to believe?”


  1. Teaching beliefs & Teaching Style « teflgeek - Thursday 19 January 2012

    […] Teaching beliefs & Teaching Style 19 Jan Go on then – what do you truly believe when it comes down to it?  It’s quite a difficult question – and it can make a great lesson when you ask your class to challenge each others’ beliefs (see lesson plan for reason to believe). […]

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