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A passion for teaching?

Recently a colleague emerged from a particularly trying cover class experience, having decided that all of the problems that were experienced in the lesson could be traced back to a single overriding fault - the teacher's lack of passion for... Continue Reading →

What really goes into your lesson plan?

Getting learners to think about their writing BEFORE they put pen to paper is a thankless task.  Most seem to prefer the "stream of consciousness" approach, where the words flow ceaselessly out of the brain, down the arm and out, via... Continue Reading →

What does your course bibliography say about you?

I've recently just finished teaching an Elementary business group, as part of which some extensive record keeping was required, and for the first time I actually kept a bibliography for the course.  It makes interesting reading and what struck me... Continue Reading →

Working Conditions in #ELT – survey

About a month ago I put up "A brief survey of working conditions in ELT".  The survey is still live, so if you haven't contributed and would like to, then feel free! The initial results of the survey have been... Continue Reading →

End of Year Reflection

Today is the last day of the academic year.  On Monday the school summer courses will begin but that's next week and it's Monday's problem - for now it's enough to know that we have survived another year without too... Continue Reading →

Special Needs and ELT

I wonder what experience many EFL teachers have of working with learners with special needs. My own experience is fairly minimal - about seven years ago I did a placement test interview with a student who was partially deaf.  It... Continue Reading →

A brief survey of Working Conditions in ELT

The response to one of my recent posts on whether it's possible to have a normal life and work in ELT was quite strong and very heartfelt - clearly there are a lot of teachers who are feeling themselves to be... Continue Reading →

#BBC Podcast – The Trouble with Moody Teens

There was an excellent podcast on the BBC - Podcasts - Documentary of the Week page recently.  Sadly, BBC policy is only to host these documentaries for a seven day period, which has no expired, so unless you know someone with... Continue Reading →

Getting learners writing: FoldBooks!

It can be difficult to get learners writing, especially young learners who often see writing as an imposition on classroom fun and games - so fun ways to encourage learner writing are always welcome. At the FoldPlay website, they've come up with FoldBooks.... Continue Reading →

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