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State of the World’s Mothers 2011 Statistics and Facts – Save the Children

State of the World's Mothers 2011 Statistics and Facts - Save the Children - thanks to Greg Fuller for posting this on facebook..... There's a lot of information here and obviously the most interesting thing for any class to do would... Continue Reading →

A lesson on “Should and Shouldn’t”

This is a lesson aimed more at pre-intermediate / intermediate level learners that "introduces" SHOULD and SHOULDN'T.  Though it can be used to revise the language point if learners have met it previously! It is based around using Should /... Continue Reading →

Twenty-Six different ways to do Gapfills / Cloze tasks

UPDATED - from fifteen to twenty six!  Many thanks to all those who contributed their ideas! Does what it says on the tin!  As part of a recent seminar -  I have collected, invented, developed and stolen these fifteen alternatives... Continue Reading →

Brilliant online grammar resource

This a re-post of a re-post.... Simon Thomas ( originally spotted this post on Larry Ferlazzo's blog ( A really nice range of flash based grammar games for every conceivable language point! So thanks to Larry for finding it and thanks to... Continue Reading →

CLOP CLOP – You can lead a horse to water…

… but you can’t make it put together a successful  piece of writing.  The whole hoof thing and lack of opposable thumbs gets in the way of text creation in general and successful writing in particular.  Language learners on the... Continue Reading →

Collocation Pyramids & Collocation Tennis!

Yep, hot on the heels of yesterday's post on collocation trees, another activity to see how many collocations your learners can identify and to help them see a little bit better why a collocation is... well... a collocation. Collocation Pyramids!... Continue Reading →

The Domination Game

This was something that I originally cooked up as a comparatively fun way of doing revision / practice of an entire FCE Use of English paper without melting the learners' brains or causing everyone in the room to lose the... Continue Reading →

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