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Collocation Connections

Here's a little test for you to see how good you are at spotting collocations.  The words in the grid below can be put into four collocation groups.  Can you figure out (a) what the groups are?  (b) which word(s)... Continue Reading →

Twittercordances? – Tweetolife stats

There's a new twitter based application on the web that you don't have to sign up to twitter to use:  Tweetolife.  The software is one of the outcomes of a study carried out by researchers at the Language, Interaction and... Continue Reading →

Multiple Choice Cloze

A relatively simple way of dealing with multiple choice cloze tasks in the classroom: Take one multiple choice cloze task, possibly one like this FCE style task found via a google image search, or just one from your coursebook. Before... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Resource: Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus

The visual thesaurus was pointed out to me some time ago as a great alternative to the standard online dictionary search, and also as a great way to help learners broaden their vocabulary, particularly with higher level students who have... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Tool: Kubbu

This website has the potential to be an invaluable online teaching tool and is worth checking out! I only came across this the other day, but they've been around for a while and further research reveals that Larry Ferlazzo mentions this... Continue Reading →

Twenty-Six different ways to do Gapfills / Cloze tasks

UPDATED - from fifteen to twenty six!  Many thanks to all those who contributed their ideas! Does what it says on the tin!  As part of a recent seminar -  I have collected, invented, developed and stolen these fifteen alternatives... Continue Reading →

How Can We Activate Vocabulary and Get Our Students to Use It? – ELTChat Summary « Vicky Loras’s Blog

What to do with all those words?  One of the gripes I have with course books is the often seemingly random presentation of vocabulary sets where the target items appear in a little box in one corner of the page,... Continue Reading →

Collocation Pyramids & Collocation Tennis!

Yep, hot on the heels of yesterday's post on collocation trees, another activity to see how many collocations your learners can identify and to help them see a little bit better why a collocation is... well... a collocation. Collocation Pyramids!... Continue Reading →

Word Vines & Collocation Trees

"Teacher, what's a collocation?" "Well, they're sort of words that go together." "Teacher, I don't understand." "Well, you know the expression 'heavy traffic'?  Well, traffic's not really heavy is it?  I mean, it can be, but... erm.... Collocations are just... Continue Reading →

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