This website has the potential to be an invaluable online teaching tool and is worth checking out!

I only came across this the other day, but they’ve been around for a while and further research reveals that Larry Ferlazzo mentions this site in a post from 2009!

Kubbu offers a “free account” to teachers who register, which allows you to create student profiles for up to 30 learners and limits you to creating 15 resources.  I’m not sure if you can then delete old resources / student profiles and create new ones.

Here’s the list of things that Kubbu say you can do with their site:

Match – extended form of a classic matching excercise. It is an ideal tool for language practice. Matching helps assimilate new words, idioms, meanings, collocations, synonyms, etc.
Divide – used when some notions, terms, concepts or definitions must be classified into categories or groups.
Slider – a type of a dynamic quiz. It contains three types of activities, classic single and multiple choice questions with four answers, as well as a unique “climb up” quiz which leaves no place for mistakes.
Composer – a tool for teachers who want to introduce their own concept of a quiz. With Composer you can create quizzes with single and multiple choice questions, true/false questions, fill-in or short answer questions. Pictures as well as sound files can be used to make your quizzes fully multimedia and interactive.
Crossword – with a crossword generator you can create crosswords using your own list of words.

It also allows you to create / print paper versions of your tasks, so that theoretically you could give them the task on paper in class and ask them to complete it online for homework.

There is also a tracking feature that allows you to monitor learner achievement, how they did, and to track that over time, thus allowing you to track progress.

All in all, well worth a visit!