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The Twelve Days of Geekmas: Eight talks worth watching

On the eighth day of Geekmas, some blogger gave to me:  eight talks worth watching Welcome to the teflgeek Christmas celebration!  Themed around the classic Christmas carol – but going backwards, mostly because it’s more like a countdown that way: 12 blogs... Continue Reading →

A lesson on Learning Goals – Ken Robinson TED Talk

I first watched Ken Robinson's TED talk - "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" some months ago - a thought provoking examination of the aims of the educational establishment.  It has influenced my thinking about the aims of teaching quite heavily, though... Continue Reading →

TED-ED Brain Trust

Back on the 4th March, I posted about the imminent creation of the TED-ED Brain Trust who were inviting people to register their interest in the TED-ED project. TED-ED have now just launched the brain trust as a forum for all... Continue Reading →


A nice site from Doug Evans with lesson plans based on TED Talks: ESL TEDTalks. I've only looked at the first two - "Superheroes inspired by Islam" and "My Green School Dream", so I'm not sure if the lesson plans... Continue Reading →

Listening – The many uses of the pig!

This is a lesson based on a TED Talk by Christien Meindertsma, a Dutch author and researcher who followed the afterlife of a single pig after it left the farm.  Obviously it then went on to the abbatoir, but the... Continue Reading →

The Work-Life Balance

An excellent TED talk from Nigel Marsh on the Work-Life Balance.... And of course immediately, I started thinking about how I could use this with a class.... No actual lesson plan yet, but my initial thoughts are that this would... Continue Reading →

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