A nice site from Doug Evans with lesson plans based on TED Talks:


I’ve only looked at the first two – “Superheroes inspired by Islam” and “My Green School Dream”, so I’m not sure if the lesson plans all follow a similar pattern to these two.

Doug has basically taken the TED talks and used them for listening tasks: primarily detail listening / specific information finding or general comprehension.  The general comprehension also work a little more with vocabulary and language than they do possibly with listening development.

My only criticism, is that Doug doesn’t include a procedure or aims in his lesson plans, which means you might need to infer these, or tinker with his materials a little bit to make sure they fit whatever you’re up to with your classes.

But if you’re looking for a way to work with TED talks with your learners, then look no further than ESL TEDTalks.

(Other TED Talk lesson plans are available….  for example:

here  https://teflgeek.net/2011/02/17/listening-the-many-uses-of-the-pig/

or even here:  https://teflgeek.net/2011/02/07/the-work-life-balance/ )