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The Twelve Days of Geekmas: Five Favourite Things

On the fifth day of Geekmas, some blogger gave to me:  FIVE FAVOURITE THINGS Welcome to the teflgeek Christmas celebration!  Themed around the classic Christmas carol – but going backwards, mostly because it’s more like a countdown that way: 12 blogs worth... Continue Reading →

Are you worth your learners’ attention?

One of the contributors to the debate on student fees in UK universities raised an interesting point the other week.  Roger Moss, in breaking down the fees students pay when compared to what they get, calculated that they paid approximately... Continue Reading →

Halloween Teaching Resources

I'm not a great fan of "festivals" teaching in general, but this year my timetable has more young learner classes than usual and halloween is almost upon us, so here's what I managed to find to help you cook up... Continue Reading →

Premier Skills English

  A nice cross-curricular site for all those teachers with budding Cristiano Ronaldos in their classrooms!   But with plenty for those of us who love the game but are never going to make it on the pitch! Premier Skills... Continue Reading →

Essential Criteria for Effective Learning?

This was the question posed the other week on my MA discussion boards:  "Based on your teaching experience, write down the criteria you think are essential for language learning."  And it's a good question.  In many respects the ultimate teaching... Continue Reading →

Free Technology for Teachers: 77 Educational Games and Game Builders

    Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers has this excellent post:  77 Educational Games and Game Builders. If you're involved in teaching - you need to read his post! Highlights I took away from it were: Grammar Ninja... Continue Reading →

Are Flashcards an Effective Learning Tool? (Voxy Blog)

The Voxy Blog has an interesting infographic for teaching and teacher development, examining the question: "Are Flashcards an Effective Learning Tool?" .  I suspect most YL teachers (especially those at Primary level) are thinking "well duh" at this point. The infographic... Continue Reading →

First Lesson Aims: Dave Tucker Guest Post!

If you've had time to look at recent posts on this blog, you'll have noticed a series of "first lesson" ideas and activities...  after all,  it's September, we've all got "back-to-school-itis"! Stepping back from the plethora of great teaching ideas to... Continue Reading →

Vocabulary Revision Game: Pointless

While visiting the UK over the summer, I was introduced to a relatively new BBC Game show - "Pointless", in which contestants try to score as few points as possible.  Or as the BBC phrase it:  "Quiz in which contestants... Continue Reading →

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