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Words with Multiple Meanings

Here's a nice infographic from the Kaplan blog about words with multiple meanings.  I can think of three immediate ways to exploit this with a class: (1) Prediction - give students the keywords.  Students then think of as many phrases... Continue Reading →

Warmer / Filler: What are my words?

This vocabulary revision activity requires minimal or no preparation on the part of the teacher.  I've been using it with classes that found "Don't make me say it!" too difficult or time consuming.  It's certainly easier for lower levels! The... Continue Reading →

Warmer: Don’t make me say it!

This is a vocabulary revision activity that I used as a warmer with my classes last week – from intermediate to proficiency. I went back through the previous couple of units of the coursebook and chose 12 items (words, phrasal verbs,... Continue Reading →

Anagram spelling dictation

Quite a nice vocabulary revision activity, this is something I tried with an intermediate kids class the other day. Kids in particular, often persist in using L1 pronunciation to spell words in English and this is quite a good way... Continue Reading →

Starting a Vocabulary Box / Wordbag

As mentioned previously, I'm making more of a focus on vocabulary this year, and one of the things I'm going to be working with is the vocabulary box. Now this is obviously not a new idea and it's not even... Continue Reading →

PHRAS.IN – Say this or say that?

This is a quite a neat tool for learners who are trying to find the right way to express something - PHRAS.IN - Say this or say that?. You type in two choices and it comes back and tells you which... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Say what you see…

In his second guest post on this blog, Dave Cosby thinks about forcing changes on languages and considers the sound-spelling relationships apparent in English.  Above all, he admonishes, just Say what you see... Here in Portugal the language is undergoing... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Resource: Spent

I just came across the game "Spent", courtesy of the Leoxicon blog.  It's an excellent, eye opening game that simulates what it's like to be living near the poverty line in the USA today. Basically, you're put in the position... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: If you look at the bottom of the screen

In this guest post, Dave Cosby looks at why some nationalities might be better at learning languages than others and considers the role that the pervasive influence of the international media might have to play... If you look at the... Continue Reading →

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