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Online Teaching Tool: Kubbu

This website has the potential to be an invaluable online teaching tool and is worth checking out! I only came across this the other day, but they've been around for a while and further research reveals that Larry Ferlazzo mentions this... Continue Reading →

Giving Feedback – 20 ways to do it!

Giving feedback on classroom tasks is a tricky thing to come up with ideas for.  Broadly, I think methods can be broken down into Collaborative / Competitive / Partial / Full.  The four methods can interact, so you can have... Continue Reading →

Twenty-Six different ways to do Gapfills / Cloze tasks

UPDATED - from fifteen to twenty six!  Many thanks to all those who contributed their ideas! Does what it says on the tin!  As part of a recent seminar -  I have collected, invented, developed and stolen these fifteen alternatives... Continue Reading →

One Word – Multiple Meanings

One of the things that often bothers learners is the idea that there is more than one meaning associated with a particular word... A while back I was sent this link: which has great videos showing multiple meanings of... Continue Reading →

The Domination Game

This was something that I originally cooked up as a comparatively fun way of doing revision / practice of an entire FCE Use of English paper without melting the learners' brains or causing everyone in the room to lose the... Continue Reading →

FCE Use of English: Open Cloze

This is a lesson I've used a lot over the years - it's designed for use with FCE classes, but can easily be adapted to a CAE group. The main idea behind the lesson is to try and introduce a... Continue Reading →

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