This is a lesson I’ve used a lot over the years – it’s designed for use with FCE classes, but can easily be adapted to a CAE group.

The main idea behind the lesson is to try and introduce a lot of energy and pace into an exam class.  Timings are therefore important – but fluid!  Older teens and adults will probably relish the change of pace…  For this reason, the students are in two teams throughout the whole class.  They can, of course, choose their own team names, I prefer “THE SHARKS” and “THE COUGARS”.

If there’s anything in there that needs a bit more explanation, let me know, as I kind of use my own terms / shorthand for things, which I guess could be confusing.

You can download a pdf version of the lesson plan and materials here: teflgeek – FCE Open Cloze

As always, any feedback, comments, criticisms and queries are welcome!