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McKinnon Language Solutions » On Language Nerds and Nags

A nice piece from "Intelligent Life" on the changing nature of language - thanks to Rob Szabo for spotting it and posting it here: McKinnon Language Solutions » Blog Archive » On Language Nerds and Nags. Makes you wonder, just... Continue Reading →

FCE CAE CPE: Open Cloze Battleships

An alternative to the work through it together option... Basically, you need two different open cloze tasks from a test book (or you can use the examples given in the exam handbooks available from Cambridge ESOL's teacher support site). You... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Resource: Primary Pad

Thanks to Tommy Holt for spotting this and mentioning it on facebook! Primary pad is an online synchronous editing tool - learners can access and edit the same document at the same time. This is the first tool I've come... Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Superhero

No site with "geek" in the name would be worthy of it without a reference to comic books somewhere...  So it's thanks to the marketing folks at Marvel Comics for creating this handy little Superhero creator: Create Your Own Superhero... Continue Reading →

A lesson on Learning Goals – Ken Robinson TED Talk

I first watched Ken Robinson's TED talk - "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" some months ago - a thought provoking examination of the aims of the educational establishment.  It has influenced my thinking about the aims of teaching quite heavily, though... Continue Reading →

A lesson on “Should and Shouldn’t”

This is a lesson aimed more at pre-intermediate / intermediate level learners that "introduces" SHOULD and SHOULDN'T.  Though it can be used to revise the language point if learners have met it previously! It is based around using Should /... Continue Reading →

Help with Homework

“Teacher No!”  “Teacher, I have three tests this week!” Chances are, you’ve probably experienced the chorus of protest and dismay as you blithely announce the homework task of the day.  Or alternatively as you ask your learners to present the... Continue Reading →

A Lesson on Linkers

This is a lesson that aims to increase the range of linking devices / expressions learners have available to them, and in particular focuses on five relatively simple devices:  In order to  /  so that  /  as  /  in case... Continue Reading →

Online Teaching Tool: Kubbu

This website has the potential to be an invaluable online teaching tool and is worth checking out! I only came across this the other day, but they've been around for a while and further research reveals that Larry Ferlazzo mentions this... Continue Reading →

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