Back in March the Guardian held a live Q&A chat with a panel of experts, which I mentioned on teflgeek, and they’ve just posted in to say that they’re running another Q&A session later today (Tuesday July 12th 2011) on “How to find a Tefl job”.  I suspect most readers of this blog already have one, so it might not be entirely relevant, but the panel of experts includes representation from the British Council and International House as well as Cambridge ESOL, so it might be interesting to hear their take on things.

You can find out more details here:

Personally, I’ll be interested to see what IH and the BC think about the assertion in the Guardian article that “personality can be even more important for some recruiters than your Tefl qualifications”.  I take the point that qualifications alone don’t necessarily tell an employer everything they’d like to know about a potential addition to the teachers’ room – but on the other hand qualifications are fairly fundamental.  Making sure you have a recognised qualification that includes an assessed teaching practice component is also a good first step.