Apparently teflgeek has been nominated for the best blog of 2011 in the “Macmillan Dictionary Love English Awards“!  Which was a bit of a surprise – but huge thanks to whoever put teflgeek forwards – much appreciated!

The criteria for nomination include the questions – “Where do you go to when you need information, inspiration, guidance or resources in your desire to learn more about English or to satisfy your curiosity about the language? Who do you love, who do you trust, and who do you recommend to your friends or colleagues?” – so to come under any one of those criteria is truly fantastic and has made my day!  So again – thank you.

So if you’ve been visiting the blog and you like what you see – why not vote for teflgeek?  You can do that by clicking on the links in this post – or by clicking the nice picture in the top left hand corner of the page.  Voting closes on 31st January 2011, and is limited to one vote per IP address, so be sure to tell your friends!